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The plot of land that is now Pheasant Acres started out as one man's dream for something greater. After years of work, it has become the wildlife oasis it is today.
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Our History

Our story begins with Dr. James “Doc” Monfore.  Born and raised on a farm near Springfield, SD, Doc has always been an outdoorsman.

In the mid-1970’s, Doc bought the farm at the time when the US was going to be the “breadbasket of the world”.  Unfortunately, the US embargo of the Soviet Union put an end to that dream and to the futures of many family farms.

Not one to pout but rather a man of vision and innovation, Doc took advantage of a new program in SD, the pheasant preserve program.  This program allowed farmers to make a business out of pheasant hunting.  Plowing under his crop fields, Doc converted the farm back to natural grassland and South Dakota Pheasant Acres was born—the 3rd such preserve in the state.

Over the years, Doc added adjacent property totaling 3500 acres.  He personally planted over 100,000 trees in numerous shelter belts throughout the property.  In so doing, Doc created a natural habitat paradise that is teaming with wildlife, especially wild, ring-necked pheasants!

We owe it all to this man with the vision, the grit and the perseverance to create this tremendous property.  Please join us and share in Doc’s legacy!

Our Staff

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