The Best Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota

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Very few places can boast the amount or the quality of habit that you will find at Pheasant Acres. We have restored our 3,500 acres back to its natural state by planting native grasses and scattering tree strips, food plots, and wetlands throughout the property. We even selectively harvest the area crops, managing everything for the sake of the birds. Thanks to over 30 years of hard work, South Dakota Pheasant Acres an absolute wildlife haven.


"I haven't been hunting for years. It is just a tradition I grew up with." - Jochen Zeitz

Our Preserve Status

At Pheasant Acres, we have a private contract with the State that allows hunting from September 1st through March 31st. Our balance of food, cover and water make a haven to thousands of wild birds. It is quite common to see hundreds of pheasants in one flush throughout the property. For the discerning sportsman, we assure you that we are not a game farm; we allow no more than 250 guests to hunt each year.


Group of Pheasant Hunters

"No, I'm not a good shot, but I shoot often." - Teddy Roosevelt

Your Limit

Other hunting resorts limit their guests to 3-5 birds per day. At Pheasant Acres, you have two limitations: the time you commit to hunting and the accuracy of your shot. The State of South Dakota has a legally-required limit of 15 birds per person per day. But if your group can reach that amount of birds in a day, you’re better hunters than we are!


"The Limit is how well you shoot." - Kevin Smith